How TikTok made everyone a content creator

September 15, 2021
Posted by
Creed Media

Remember the times when you basically needed an entire production company to make a short video? Oh sure, they were crisp and professional but oh so expensive. And a lot had to be covered. A concept, a script, cameras, filming, timing, editing, graphics, and yeah, you get the picture. Well, I got good news for you.

All you need nowadays is a mobile. Seriously, with platforms like TikTok you don’t just have a huge potential audience, you basically have your own production company in your pocket. So how does this work? Let’s take it from the start.


Nowadays the technological advances have made our mobiles just as good as any camera when it comes to recording videos. With that said people tend the appreciate the more “homemade” content in the sense that a video of high quality can feel disingenuous, too commercial so to speak. In other words, keep it simple.

And no other social media platform has shown that to more true than TikTok. But although the entry-level might be somewhat welcoming for all it is not to be misinterpreted as bad or low quality. Recording a video with your mobile is just the way you do it, the normal. Everyone does it so why not do it yourself? Don’t fix what ain’t broken as my moma would say.

Now that you have the technical specification to start filming, what then?


First of all, you have your speed. Not the 90’s movie with Keanu Reeves and not the party drug, the actual velocity of your video. Here you can speed it up with five times the normal speed and even use the slow-motion effect if that adds that extra spice to your video. Imagine a parkour flip in slow motion, cool right?


Secondly, and it might sound a bit dramatic, you have the beauty mode. It’s up to you if you want to have it on or off but the difference is quite noticeable. The beauty mode makes your skin smoother, your cheeks freshly pink and your face glowy and you can say "I woke up like this".


Thirdly you have your filters. Basically the same as your Instagram filters that give your content, in this case photo and videos, that perfect retouch. How about a beach tan or some black and white retro?


As mentioned, you can also upload a ton of your photos to make a cool slide show or even combine them with your video content. Some nice transition effects can pimp up even the most boring photos.


Now, this is the fun part of the creation of your videos. You have tons of effects to pick and choose from. Everything from turning yourself into a cat to dying your hair any color you want. Hey, why not try out those classy drag looks you’ve always been curious about? The effects tab is my favorite and as more effects are added it might soon become yours as well.

Sound and Music

Let’s not forget the most important part of TikTok – music and sounds. Since it was first published TikTok has effectively combined these with videos and photos and created some awesome content. The app lets you add music and sound to your videos giving you the option of using music from well-known artists to those unknown catchy songs just waiting to be discovered. You have several ways of picking and choosing your favorites whether it’s to take a look at what’s trending in your part of the world to explore genres like “emotional songs”.

So, with all these features it’s no wonder that the days of the production company are coming to an end. And trust me, many of the biggest companies in the world are doing it. Check out Dunkin that not only let their staff make fun videos but also repost content from their fans. Chipotle is also a company killing it on TikTok creating fun, witty, and tear-jerking content with some of the biggest drag queen stars and big influencers to ordinary people and their own staff. You’ll get a laugh or two and probably get hungry while watching their videos… and isn’t that the point?