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Creed Media follows audience attention with a non-platform romantic approach to ensure that your digital marketing game gets a glow-up. By injecting our clients with creative diversity and cultural relevance - we make sure that they catch more vibes online.

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Engaging the world with bold ideas by the new generation.


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If you want the youth to stop leaving your brand on read, you’ve come to the right place. Creed Media is a full-service digital impact agency that fosters and influences internet culture all around the globe.

If you’d ask a boomer, Creed Media works with creators and brands to explore opportunities emerging in the powerful confluence of technology and evolving online behavior.

If you’d ask us, we turn consumers into stans.

  • Creed Media Index.

    The world’s largest index of online creators and media channels.

  • Insights & Data.

    Tailored analysis and data insights for every activated campaign.

  • Campaign Monitoring.

    Streamlined monitoring and campaign approval for content and creators.

  • Creative Development.

    Creative concepts with extensive knowledge about youth culture.

  • Reporting.

    Campaign performance & audience insights reports

  • Cultural Relevance.

    Knowing what's trending on a global scale, at all times.

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How We Do It.


We build strategies to ensure the right message is communicated to the consumer in the most effective channel.

Paid Social

We run the most efficient data-driven paid social ads across all major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and many more.

Influencer Marketing

We create tailored and targeted marketing solutions using the most efficient and influential social media tastemakers.


We create social-first and culturally relevant content that truly resonates with the next-gen consumer, always with a high shareability and redistribution potential.

Native Social Avertising

We distribute branded content on native social accounts, at scale, across the most relevant social media platforms.

Data & Insights

Our team will provide you with a thorough pre-campaign data analysis to detect the best approach for each new project.

Other features

10 years of experience on creating amazing stuff

CMS Content

Use the power of Webflow CMS to add new case studies, blog posts, categories and tags. The whole structure is ready

Responsive Design

We've made the template fully responsive, so it looks great on all devices: desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

Premium Support

We're always glad to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about Floria template.

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