Influencer Marketing


With more than 36,000 hours clocked across our collaborative campaigns, Creed Media has a tried and tested approach to helping brands win

Memes, Media, and Memorable Influencer Activations

Influencer Marketing

Relevance is Revolutionary!

Our tailored influencer campaigns are geared to generate authentic engagement through relevant platforms. Here we leverage creativity, audience insights, and activation, delivering culturally relevant content to drive awareness, engagement, and key brand ROIs.

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We follow the latest trends. No platform, genre, or territory untouched.

As always we include coverage of platforms your audience is active on.

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We amplify your influencer campaigns across multiple dynamic verticals to ensure maximum exposure to your target audience. Acceleration and accuracy get your brand in front of the right people from the get-go.

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If it isn’t shareable, it’s invisible. Viral moments come from content that people want to show off, and developing explosive content consumption is native to us.

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How you connect brands to culture - Creed example.

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