How it started

Creed Media started with two young guys, Tim and Hugo. Two competing minds with big ambitions and a slick know-it-all attitude. The collision was a fact, at least initially. But just as with Big Bang it led to something, well, bigger. A co-operation and soon enough a friendship that saw the light of CreedMedia. 

With a wide network of celebrities, influencers, and well-known brands and an attitude to match it, they bought two tickets to the US. The idea was to make it big. Bigger than Sweden. They managed to catch a break in the office building of a well-known record label, by hustling themselves into a meeting. And the rest is history, Creed history.  

No fluff, just marketing that leaves a mark. 

Creed Media speaks Gen Z’s language. Sure, many marketing companies have claimed to conquer it, but in just three years the company has established itself as digital marketing’s 300 Spartans - lean, mean, and always ready to go. 

Founded by current leaders Timothy Collins, Hugo LePrince, and founding member Eliot Robinson (Dunk), the Swedish duo’s stubborn and unorthodox approach to digital media, matched with years of experience building online communities, quickly sussed a gap in the traditional marketing mix worth filling. Brands of all shapes and sizes were looking for access to a young and hungry digital audience, and their collective networks, know-how, and passion saw them quickly deliver on cutting edge approaches for music artists, influencers, and content creators alike. 

Where we're going

Our ambition is to be your brand's bridge into the future

With thousands of successful campaigns, collabs and strategies we know how to make brands relevant in today’s digital landscape. Knowledgeable, experienced and with a unique network of creative minds, we believe in authenticity. We understand what the new generations want to hear, see and engage with. We connect the global music industry and brand communities with the generations of the future. 

Where we're going

To date, the group has clocked more than 36,000 hours of projects, passionately pursuing moments that stick, collaborative wins, and an enduring connection between brands and audiences. Armed with a young team of leading strategists, content creators, and digital wunderkids, an eye for the viral and a seat at the inside table keeps us one step ahead for the simple reason that we live and breathe the nuances of a digital world that’s always starving for the next big thing. 

Our Team

Meet the team of Creed Media.
Elvira Sällberg
Office Manager
Felicia Karlsson
Campaign Manager
Fanny Livijn
Campaign Manager
Linnea Werner
Manager & A&R
Jibril Hassan
Campaign Manager
Kit Gabriel
Campaign Manager
Victor LePrince
Brand Partnership Manager
Marisa Pichlmair
Campaign Manager
Maria Attland
Campaign Coordinator
Marcus Bernette
Campaign Coordinator
Theodor Arnander
CRM Manager
Jakob Haskel
Finance Assistant
Nicole Synnergren
Campaign Manager
Mikaela Hygrell
Campaign Manager
Johnny Wettergren
Creative Strategist
Alex Falck
Music Partnerships Manager
Sanu Hariharan
Music Partnership Manager
Rebecca Versteegh
Head of Music Partnerships
Carl-Magnus Hygrell
Managing Director
Timothy Collins
Co-CEO & Founder
Hugo LePrince
Co-CEO & Founder

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